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Blacklick Real Estate
  4 BR  2.5 bath.# 510
Blacklick Foreclosure for Sale

Zip 43004 Columbus
Freddie Mac Foreclosures
Central Ohio Discount Homes
Columbus real estate

HUD Foreclosures
Hilliard Home for Sale
3 BR 1.5 bath # 516
Hilliard Home For Sale

Zip Code  43026
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Columbus Foreclosure
Move in ready # 709
Columbus Foreclosure
Zip 43228 Columbus
Columbus Condo for Sale
2 BR w/garage # 504

Zip 43232 Columbus
Columbus Condo for Sale
1 bedroom w/garage # 520

Zip 43209 Columbus
Foreclosed Columbus
3 BR Condo # 756

Zip 43224 Columbus OH

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Central Ohio Real Estate
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Pickerington Real Estate 
4 BR 2.5 bath # 508
Pickerington Real Estate

  Zip 43147 Pickerington
Blacklick Foreclosure
2 BR Condo # 310
Blacklick Condo For Sale

Zip 43004 Blacklick
Obetz Foreclosure
3 BR  1.5 bath # 526
Obetz Foreclosed real Estate

Zip Code 43207
Commercial Columbus
2836 Sq. Foot # 527
Commercial Real Estate

Zip 43224 Columbus

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Columbus Foreclosure
3 BR  # 517
Columbus foreclosure with Westerville Sahools

 Zip 43231 Columbus
Newark Real Estate
2 BR Condo # 528
Newark Foreclosed Condo For Sale

Zip 43055 Newark
Heath Condo for Sale
Move in Ready # 309
Heath Condo For Sale

Zip 43056 Heath
Columbus Foreclosed
2 story 2 bath # 511
Columbus foreclosure for sale

Zip 43004 Columbus

Columbus Real Estate
3 BR nice #  529
Columbus Home for Sale

Zip 43227 Columbus
Columbus Foreclosed
3 BR 2.5 story # 506
columbus investor special

Zip 43206 Columbus
Columbus Condo for Sale
2 BR Move in Ready # 524
Columbus Condo for Sale

Zip 43232 Columbus
Pickerington Real Estate
4 BR many updates # 713
Pickerington Home for Sale

Zip 43147 Pickerington
  Newark Two Story Home
3 BR Home # 518
Newark Real Estate for Sale

Zip 43055 Newark
Lancaster Ranch
Move in ready # 317
Lancaster Home for Sale
Zip 43130 Lancaster
Columbus Home for Sale
3 BR 1.5 bath # 708
Columbus Real Estatefor Sale

Columbus Zip 43206
Columbus Real Estate
3 Br Move in Ready # 726
Columbus Foreclosure For Sale

Zip 43223 Columbus
  Lancaster Ranch for sale
move in ready # 523
Lancaster home for sale

Zip 43130 Lancaster
Columbus Foreclosure
3 BR Investor # 719
Columbus Foreclosure

Zip 43211 Columbus
Columbus Real Estate
2 BR Great Lot # 217
Columbus OH Real Estate

Zip 43130 Columbus
Columbus 3 BR ranch
SOLD      # 522
Reynoldsburg Ranch foreclosures

Zip 43068 Reynoldsburg
  Columbus Real Estate
2 BR Town House
# 512
Columbus Condo for Sale
Columbus Ohio Homes
Lancaster Real Estate
3 BR SOLD # 509
Lancaster Real Estate Foreclosure
Zip 43130 Lancaster
Foreclosed Real Estate
3 BR Ranch # 530
Newark Ranch for Sale
Zip 43055 Newark

We always have a large group of foreclosure homes that are not for sale that will be coming on the market in the near future. We can arrange for you to look and decide if you have an interest. Click on the link on the left and fill out the secured form. We will match up homes that fit your information.
Columbus Real Estate Foreclosure Information
      If you have made any offer on any Columbus foreclosure, you already know they are very different than buying from a private owner. While they remain a really good buy they have several requirements.
     Freddie Mac foreclosed properties are usually priced well below market and you usually get instant equity. They will pay for your closing costs, if the price is right, but they will not pay for buyers closing costs plus the down. Even if this is added on to the purchase price, they will only consider paying one of these charges. They require a $500.00 earnest money check when the offer is made also. They do reply to offers in a really short time, usually 24 hours. They will consider some repairs if the inspector or its mortgage required.
     Each mortgage company has its own individual guidelines so check this out before writing your offer. Most do require an earnest money deposit and a pre-approval letter from the buyers mortgage company.
     Most mortgage companies will not pay for any inspections, repairs and they require an earnest money deposit when you write your offer. Call Clifford Realtors for more information on foreclosures.
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A short sale is very different from a foreclosure. This is usually a pre-foreclosure and the mortgage company considers bids that are less than the owners owe on their mortgage. On most short sales, if the mortgage company agrees, the difference on the owed amount and the sale amount is written off by the mortgage company. On a short sale you can not be in any hurry to move. Short sales can and usually do take weeks if not months for the mortgage company to get back with your agent on the offer. If the bottom line is what the mortgage company will accept, they will consider closing costs and buyers down.
  Call Clifford Realtors for more information on foreclosures.
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Real Estate in Columbus today
Recent years have found many changes in Columbus.. Condos and lofts are now available in the Columbus Downtown area, especially in the Nationwide Plaza Arena area and the Columbus Short North. Real Estate prices starting in the low $200,000's. Columbus Home prices have been affected less during the current period than many other areas of the Country. Clifford Realtors offers exclusive foreclosure listings from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in all of Central Ohio priced well below the current market value. Owner occupied, Re-hab and investment properties can be bought from the low teens and up. Single family real estate in Columbus currently will range up to around $1,200,000. Call 614-501-1500.for more info.
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Reynoldsburg Ohio History

Reynoldsburg Ohio Real Estate today
Reynoldsburg Real Estate prices range from about $55,000 for a condo  to $600,000 for a single family home. Reynoldsburg is a growing community expanding mostly south toward Pataskala. Reynoldsburg offers excellent schools, fire and police and is ever improving. Reynoldsburg is renovating and beautifying Main Street at the present with paver sidewalks and upscale street lighting. Purchasing a Reynoldsburg Ohio Home can be one of the better investments in Central Ohio.
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View Reynoldsburg Ohio MLS Real Estate for Sale                                       

Pataskala Ohio History
The first settler to the area which was to become known as Pataskala was David Heron, who was living here in 1805 when Richard Conine and his wife Sarah visited the area. Richard Conine, who was to become known as the "Father of Pataskala", liked what he saw, and when he returned home to New Jersey, he arranged to purchase 2,000 acres of land here.

He returned to this area in 1821 to live and built the first grist mill in the area at the south end of town, and prior to 1850, platted a village which he called Conine. However, by the end of 1850, he had sold most of his land, much of it to Jess Stoneman Green, and it was Green who actually put the village of Pataskala on the map. Green laid out lots and sold them, built buildings for businesses, and donated land for schools and churches.

In 1851, the village of Pataskala received its first Post Office, and controversy grew over the name of "Conine" until finally the name "Pataskala", which is an Indian word meaning Licking, was decided upon and from that point Pataskala continued to grow until it was finally incorporated in 1891.

In 1994 Lima Township and the Village of Pataskala voters agreed to establish a merger commission to research a possible merger. In 1995, the citizens voted unanimously to accept the merger proposal, and as of January 19, 1997, the Secretary of State declared Pataskala to be of city status.

The City of Pataskala encompasses 39 square miles of territory. Its boundaries begin at the Franklin/ Licking County lines on the west and extend to past Watkins road on the east. The northern boundary is south of CR. 25, Morse Road, and Jersey Township.

Pataskala's future looks economically sound. We proudly welcome you to one of Ohio's fastest growing communities which is striving to retain its rural flavor
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Pickerington Ohio History

The first settlers in the attractive, growing community that is now Pickerington, arrived in the area in 1808.  In 1815, Abraham Pickering laid out the original plat of old Pickerington.  One hundred fifty years later relatively few people lived in the area, and Pickerington slumbered as an agricultural and dairy community, seemingly distant from both the county seat, Lancaster, and the state capital, Columbus. The growth and prosperity since 1965 have forever changed Pickerington from an old country village to a major city in northwest Fairfield County.  Equidistant between Lancaster and Columbus, today?s Pickerington is both a Columbus suburban community and a transition zone leading to agricultural and open spaces to the east and southeast.
The City?s population as estimated by the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) for 2004 was 12,159.  The unincorporated Violet Township estimated population (excluding Pickerington and Columbus) was approximately 18,200. As a result of reaching an official population of over 5,000 persons, Pickerington was certified as a city by the Ohio Secretary of State in 1991.  Pickerington is the second largest city in Fairfield County and is second in size only to Lancaster. An official Pickerington seal, designed by local resident Nancy Brackbill, was adopted in 1989 and gradually replaced other symbols as the official Pickerington identification.  The seal appears on the cover of the Annual Report and Annual Budget, identifies city vehicles, and is used on all City correspondence and publications.  In 1996 the City was designated as by the Ohio Legislature as the ?Violet Capital of Ohio.?

The Municipal Charter, which was enacted in 1980, set up a Mayor-Council-Manager form of government.  The Charter was amended by the voters in 1990, and again in 2000  The Mayor is elected by popular vote, performs ceremonial functions, recommends appointment of and acts as supervisor of, the City Manager, is presiding officer of Council, is an ex-officio member of all Council Committees, appoints the Clerk of Court, may veto Council-passed legislation. The popularly elected seven member City Council is the legislative body and possesses exclusive appropriations powers.  Council appoints the Law Director, Finance Director, City Engineer, and concurs on the Mayor?s appointment of the City Manager.  Council also makes citizen appointments to several boards and commissions.  There are four standing Council Committees which Council appoints:  Finance, Rules, Safety, and Service. Pickerington City Manager is the chief administrator of the City, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the municipality and municipal employees and appoints all employees not appointed by Council.

View Pickerington Ohio Real Estate for Sale                                        

Canal Winchester History

Canal Winchester is an historic community located approximately 15 miles Southeast of downtown Columbus, Ohio along U.S. Route 33 in Franklin and Fairfield Counties.  Established in 1811, the Village has a rich history in agriculture, commerce and transportation.  The Ohio and Erie Canal, completed through Canal Winchester 1831, identified Canal Winchester as a strategic location for the business of that era. 

Today, we are positioned within 10 minutes driving time of the interstate highways, the international airports and the big city amenities that fuel a dynamic Central Ohio economy. Canal Winchester offers excellent medical care with 18 local family physicians and 5 major hospitals within a short drive.  The Fire Department has 43 full-time professional fire fighters and two locations to serve our area.  Police services are provided by Franklin County Sheriff's Department and serves Village residents 24 hours a day. Our education system is committed to preparing its students for college, technical schools and the workplace.  A new high school was built in 1993, and a new elementary school was added in 1998.  We are proud of the fact that at least 70% of our graduates attend institutions of higher education and that 100% of our high school seniors have passed the state proficiency test needed for graduation.

Downtown Canal Winchester epitomizes small town charm with paver crosswalks, antique streetlamps and traditional storefronts.  Parking is readily available on the street or in free municipal lots.  The quaint center of Canal Winchester provides a wide range of products and services including:  post office, banks, doctors, restaurants, retail and service businesses.

View Canal Winchester Ohio Real Estate for Sale                    

Westerville Ohio History

Westerville Ohio is a community with a rich history and heritage. In the more than 175 years since the first settlers arrived, the people of Westerville have worked hard to make it a place of which they could be proud. On June 24, 1806, Edward Phelps and his family set out for Ohio from Windsor, Connecticut. He had purchased 500 acres of land along Alum Creek. The journey lasted two months and they arrived on August 22, 1806. The area was wild and densely wooded but the promise was there...rich soil and a plentiful water supply. They cleared the land and built a cabin. Soon, others joined these first settlers, including the Wetervelt brothers who arrived in 1816 from New York State. Land was donated by the Westervelt family for a new school, called the Blendon Young Men's Seminary. In 1840, when a name for the new post office was needed, the townspeople called it "Westerville" in honor of the Westervelt's generosity. The Blendon Seminary was short lived and in 1846 its land and two small buildings were acquired by the United Brethren Church, and Otterbein University (now Otterbein College) was opened in 1847. The new school, named after the church founder, enrolled men and women regardless of race and prefaced Westerville's involvement in the emerging anti-slavery movement.

One of Otterbein's best known students was Benjamin Hanby. He composed more than 70 songs in the pre-civil war era, including, Darling Nelly Gray and Up On The Housetop. His father, Bishop William Hanby, was an active participant in the underground railroad of which Westerville was an important stop. The village was incorporated in 1858 and later that year a law was passed that banned the use or sale of "fermented spirits." And, Westerville's long and lively temperance history was begun.

The first railroad train from Columbus arrived in 1873. What had been a 4 or 5 hour trip, was now a 45 minute ride. An electric street car system linking Westerville to Columbus ran up the middle of State Street. In 1990 the headquarters of the Anti-Saloon League was moved from Washington D.C. to Westerville. The temperance heritage had not been overlooked. As the national headquarters of the Anti-Saloon League, Westerville became known as the "Dry Capital of the World." It was the smallest town in the U.S. with a first class post office, due to the large volume of printing and promotional material produced by the League.
In 1920 "Prohibition" was voted in and the world went dry along with Westerville. The Anti-Saloon League had won with "the noble experiment." The "roaring twenties" saw Westerville prosper. The population had grown to 2500 and the 3-C highway was completed through town and beyond. Kilgore Manufacturing Company had over 175 employees and was the world's largest producer of children's play guns and caps. Then came the crash.

The 18th amendment was repealed in 1933, a bitter disappointment to the Anti-Saloon League. Although the world was wet again, Westerville remained dry?true to the temperance tradition. The depression gradually faded into the ominous clouds of World War II. Again Westerville geared up for war. Kilgore Manufacturing started producing hand grenades, flares and land mines and employment doubled. Gasoline and food were rationed, Red Cross stations were set up and air raid wardens trained. Westerville men gave their lives in Europe and the Pacific.

After World War II, Westerville grew quickly. Many new homes were built, municipal services were expanded to meet the demand and the interstate highway system reached Westerville. In 1960, Westerville became a city. The public schools expanded with increased enrollment. Industrial parks and shopping centers were developed. Otterbein College grew to almost a thousand students and offered a broader curriculum.
Today Westerville reflects the American spirit. It has shared its moments of pride and sorrow with the nation. It has lived through joy and sadness. It is a small town. It is a good place to live. 

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